Author Guidelines

1. Camera Ready Guidelines (full papers)

The paper should be no longer than 6 pages in IEEE double-column format, including figures and references. Final versions of accepted papers must be uploaded to EDAS for inclusion in the conference proceedings and to be submitted to IEEE Xplore®. The deadline is May 10, 2023 (hard deadline).

Registration is required for all participants of BalkanCom 2023. One FULL registration is needed to register up to 2 papers and should be performed before the deadline for camera-ready papers May 10, 2023. All papers (main, special session, and student session) require FULL registration to be included in the program and proceedings. Further information about Registration you may find at the Registration page.

Below are the instructions to submit the camera-ready manuscript.

  • Page formatting should adhere to the following instructions.
  • Please read the reviews of your paper and follow the reviewers’ recommendations for revising it and preparing the final version. When you are done with the revision, please print out your paper and carefully proofread it.
  • Use ONLY the IEEE template for your manuscript. Review formatting requirements and the templates can be found here.
  • Please check that the camera-ready manuscript contains neither copyright notes nor page numbers.
  • Validate your manuscript using IEEE PDF eXpress. Any changes made to a PDF after IEEE PDF eXpress conversion or PDF Checking may invalidate Xplore compatibility. All PDFs to be included in IEEE Xplore® should be validated through PDF eXpress for IEEE Xplore compatibility.
    • First-time users of PDF eXpress should do the following:
      • Enter the following:
        • 58402X for the Conference ID
        • Your email address
        • A password
      • Continue to enter information as prompted. An online confirmation will be displayed, and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.
    • Previous users of PDF eXpress: You need to follow the above steps but should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences. Verify that your contact information is valid.
  • When you complete the online copyright transfer process and submit the form, you will receive an automated confirmation email letting you know that the copyright sign has been completed successfully.
  • Upload your validated PDF to the EDAS platform under “Final Manuscript”.

If you fail to strictly follow all the above guidelines, IEEE may refuse to index your manuscript in the IEEE Xplore, even though that work may have already been accepted at the conference for oral presentation.

2. Student Session

Extended abstract submission instructions

The student papers should be in form of extended abstracts, no longer than 2 pages in double-column format, including tables, figures and references. The IEEE double-column format should be also used for the student submissions. The student papers should be submitted via EDAS.

The submission consists of three phases. The first phase of submission is to register basic information for the paper of the EDAS form, including the title of paper. Keywords are optional. In the second phase of submission, the submitting author must add all the remaining authors in the order of appearance in the extended abstract itself. The third phase of submission is uploading the PDF version, and click the “submit” button.