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Author Guidelines

Camera-Ready Guidelines

Final versions of accepted papers must be uploaded to EDAS for inclusion in the conference proceedings and to be submitted to IEEE Xplore®. The deadline is September 11, 2021 (hard deadline).

Registration is required for all participants of BalkanCom 2021. One AUTHOR registration is needed to register up to 2 papers and should be performed before the deadline for camera-ready papers September 11, 2021. All papers (main, special session, and student session) require Author registration to be included in the program and proceedings. Further information about Registration you may find at the Registration page.

Below are the instructions to submit the camera-ready manuscript.

  • Please read the reviews of your paper and follow the reviewers’ recommendations for revising it and preparing the final version. When you are done with the revision, please print out your paper and carefully proofread it.
  • Use ONLY the IEEE template for your manuscript. Review formatting requirements and the templates can be found here.
  • Please check that the camera-ready manuscript contains neither copyright notes nor page numbers.
  • Validate your manuscript using IEEE PDF eXpress. Any changes made to a PDF after IEEE PDF eXpress conversion or PDF Checking may invalidate Xplore compatibility. All PDFs to be included in IEEE Xplore® should be validated through PDF eXpress for Xplore compatibility.
    • First-time users of PDF eXpress should do the following:
      • Enter the following:
        • 53780X for the Conference ID
        • Your email address
        • A passwrod
      • Continue to enter information as prompted. An online confirmation will be displayed, and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.
    • Previous users of PDF eXpress: You need to follow the above steps but should enter the same password that was used for previous conferences. Verify that your contact information is valid.
  • When you complete the online copyright transfer process and submit the form, you will receive an automated confirmation email letting you know that the copyright sign has been completed successfully.
  • Submit your validated PDF to the EDAS platform.
If you fail to strictly follow all the above guidelines, IEEE may refuse to index your manuscript in the IEEE Xplore, even though that work may have already been accepted at the conference for oral presentation.

Presentation Guidelines

For In-person Presenters

The following information is intended for in-person participants presenting at the conference venue.

A laptop for presentations will be available. All speakers should upload their slides to the presentation laptop about 10 - 15 minutes before their session starts in order to avoid any delays. Also, supporting equipment such as a pointer, microphones and loudspeakers will be available. Since the conference will proceed in hybrid format, all in-person presentations will be streamed online via MS Teams platform in order to be available for online participants. In- person presenters may or may not accept video streaming, however, presenters' voices and slides will be shared with online participants. All types of connection plugs will be provided. The time allocated to each presentation will be 20 minutes including answers to questions.

For Online Presenters

If you participate online, you received an email from University of Novi Sad IT Department that provides access credentials for MS Teams platform where you will find BalkanCom 21 sessions scheduled in the calendar. Please check instructions for access and if you experience any problems, feel free to contact the responsible IT person (Rade Lucic - rade.lucic@uns.ac.rs).

A test session will be held on Friday (September 17) at 16:00 CEST (it will appear in the calendars of your MS Teams accounts shared in the previous email). If you would like to test your access using the test session, feel free to connect and test your audio/video/slide sharing.

For all the authors that will present in online mode, please follow the guidelines to record and upload your video presentations as described below. Besides providing your prerecorded video presentation, one of the authors is required to join the online session (information for access to video sessions will be provided in a separate email) for Q&A session that will follow immediately after the prerecorded video is presented.

Guidelines to Record Video of Presentation

We request you to prepare and upload a video of your presentation, comprising of a brief introduction over webcam, if desired, followed by voice over slides for your presentation. This is a requirement for your paper to appear in IEEE Xplore. Alternatively, you can show your face via webcam (if you’d like) and display your slides as you talk. The ways in which you can perform this recording as well as the requirements of the video (MP4 format) are detailed below.

Uploading Your Video

The videos should be uploaded using EDAS (on EDAS page of your accepted paper, please search for a section in the table entitled: Prerecorded Video Presentation).

Video Presentation Recording Tools

TThere are several video conferencing tools available to easily record a presentation. With this method, you may show your face via webcam (if you’d like) and display your slides as you talk. You may use any meeting software as long as you get a good quality recording and your final file is in the MP4 format. Maximum duration of the video presentation is 15 minutes. Here are some links to instructions on recording a meeting on common platforms:

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