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The BalkanCom 2018 Conference will be held in Podgorica, Montenegro on June 6-8, 2018, at the CentreVille Hotel (Cetinjska 7 | The Capital Plaza, Podgorica 81000, Montenegro).

Montenegro is located in South-eastern Europe. It has a coast on the Adriatic Sea to the south-west and is bordered by Croatia to the west, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the northwest, Serbia to the northeast, Kosovo to the east and Albania to the southeast. Its capital and largest city is Podgorica, while Cetinje is designated as the Prijestonica, meaning the former Royal Capital City.

Montenegro has both a picturesque coast and a mountainous northern region. It is one of the top 10 world tourist destinations, one of the few countries with so many natural and historical beauties, one of the European countries with the richest culture and tradition, one of the countries that will leave you breathless.

Podgorica is the capital and the largest city of Montenegro with a population of more than 200 000 people. It is the administrative centre of Montenegro and its economic, cultural and educational focus. It is located in central Montenegro, in a mainly flat area at an elevation of 40 m. It is known as a city that lies on five rivers.

It is characterized by the harmony of traditional and modern architectural styles and harmony in a mix of old and new. Both Montenegrin coastal cities and its mountain resorts are within one hour's drive from Podgorica, so it is an excellent starting point for day trips to anywhere in Montenegro. For leisure and sightseeing activities in the city, please check here.


The easiest way to get to Podgorica is by plane. There are two airports in Montenegro, in Podgorica and in Tivat, at the seaside, about 85km from Podgorica.

Podgorica airport is an international airport situated 12km from the city center. Besides the national carrier company, Montenegro airlines, other major companies flying to Podgorica include Turkish Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Air Serbia, Alitalia and Adria Airways. Moreover, two low-cost companies are flying to Podgorica, so it is pretty well connected to major European capitals and airport hubs. For more info visit the airport website.

Taxi Transportation

From Podgorica airport you can use taxi services. In front of the exit for incoming travelers, in the lobby of the passenger building, a dispatch desk is located where all necessary information and order of a ride can be obtained.

After leaving the passenger terminal, the stop for the taxi vehicles is located immediately on the left.

The price with Royal taxi is EUR 12,00.

It is also possible to call one of the city taxi cars with a cheaper service.

Transfer Service

Individual and group transfer service from the airport to the travel and return can be pre-arranged. Please see the details in this form. To book this service, please fill and email the form to

Car Rental

After the passage of customs control in arrivals, or in the southern part of the central hall of the passenger terminal, in the section "Arrivals" a number of representative offices for car rental companies, can be found with a wide range of available vehicles.

Please find here a list with the contact information for different car-rental companies.


Conference Hotel

Centre Ville Hotel
The conference will be hosted in this hotel.
Special room rates per night (including breakfast) are offered to the conference attendees:

  • Twin room: EUR 40 per person per day (breakfast included)
  • Single Room: EUR 74 per person per day (breakfast included)
  • Daily tax: EUR 1.5 per person per night
To book a room at the Centre Ville Hotel, please use this link. This link is only valid until May 9, 2018.

Alternative Accommodation

Best Western Premier Montenegro
Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 145, Podgorica 81000, Montenegro

Hilton Podgorica Crna Gora
Bulevar Svetog Petra Cetinjskog 2, Podgorica 81000, Montenegro

Ramada Podgorica
Save Kovacevica 74, Podgorica 81000, Montenegro

Hotel Ziya Podgorica
Beogradska 10, Podgorica 81000, Montenegro

Hotel City
Crnogorskih Seradara 5, Podgorica 81000, Montenegro

Hotel Verde
Donja Gorica bb, Podgorica 81000, Montenegro

Hotel Eminent
NjegoĊĦeva 25, 81000 Podgorica 81000, Montenegro

Hotel Kerber
Novaka Miloseva 6, Podgorica 81000, Montenegro

Hotel Ambiente
Cetinjski Put, Podgorica 22000

Visa Procedure

The holders of travel documents issued by the Member States of the European Union, the United States of America, the Kingdom of Norway, the Republic of Iceland, the Swiss Confederation, Canada, the State Union of Australia, New Zealand and Japan, under the 1951 Convention on the Legal Status of Refugees or the Convention on Legal the status of a stateless person from 1954, as well as travel documents for foreigners, can enter, cross the territory and stay in Montenegro for up to 30 days without a visa.

Travelers with a valid Schengen visa, a valid visa from the United States of America, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, or a residence permit in those countries may enter and stay, or cross the territory of Montenegro for up to 30 days, and the longest until the expiry of the visa, if the visa validity period is shorter than 30 days.

Detailed information on the visa regime for foreign citizens, the visa application form and the explanation of the entire procedure for obtaining the visa can be found as the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The official currency of Montenegro is the Euro. International credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express and Maestro are accepted, but cash may be necessary for some payments, especially in small restaurants and shops in remotes areas. ATMs accept all the main international debit cards. ATMs are widely available in all main towns and resorts.


The climate of Montenegro is Mediterranean on the coast, with heavy rains from September to April, while moving inland it becomes progressively more continental, with colder winters, also due to the higher altitude. On the coast, the climate is mild but rainy in autumn and winter, while in summer it's hot and sunny, though tempered by the breeze. Winter is mild, with average temperatures in January around 7/8C (45/46F); cold air masses may reach the coast, bringing a dry, down-slope wind which descends from the mountains, and lowers the temperature but generally do not bring snow, except in limited areas where the wind is channeled through mountain passes instead of descending from the ridge.

In the capital Podgorica, located in the plains but at some distance from the sea, the climate is still quite mild, but a little more continental than on the coast, so that winter is a bit cold, with an average in January is 5C (41F), while summer is hot and sunny, often with torrid days; heavy rains are possible from October to March.

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